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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 19, 2020
I’ve owned down blankets before but I’ve never had one that is noisy and crinkly. I don’t get it. I know this isn’t a high end product so I won’t bother returning it but I can’t get past the noise! It’s like a plastic tarp rustling in the wind. Not very conducive to a good nights sleep. And, a duvet cover didn’t help either. I’ll try washing it, maybe that will help.

Update: 05/05/20. I received an email from this company COSYBAY regarding my dissatisfaction. The tone of the email was very pleasant and proactive. They will be following up with their manufacturing to understand why this blanket was so noisy. AND they are going to refund the purchase price as a goodwill gesture. Quite impressive I must say. Clearly they are a company with integrity. Thank you COSYBAY!
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