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Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2021
I purchased this larger Echo Show to specifically and exclusively be able to do Zoom video calls without a PC. Everything from Amazon and Zoom says this works. It doesn't. First one has to jump through hoops and connect it to a personal calendar, then send the zoom invitation to that calendar. If you don't use a standard invitation from Zoom (like if someone just sends you the URI/URL) it can't see dialing instructions. When you do send the connected calendar a standard zoom invitation, the Echo sees it and understands what it is. The conversation then goes like this: Me - "Alexa, start my meeting." Echo-"Do you mean the [meeting name] meeting?" Me- "Yes." Echo - "OK." That's it. That's what happens. It says OK and does nothing. I even contacted the engineers at Zoom who had no idea why it doesn't work as promised. What a huge waste of days. Returning.
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