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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2019
These are awesome headphones. Straight up. I'm an electrician, and right now I'm wiring prefabbed prison cells on a 5 acre lot. I'm basically spending ten hours a day in a huge outdoor maze made of concrete and steel. What makes these headphones so amazing? One, I charge them all night and they lay my whole shift as long as I turn them off for my half hour lunch. That's 9-plus hours on a charge. Two, I usually have my phone in my pocket, but sometimes I leave it by my tools. I can walk 60 yards straight away from my phone and still be connected. Or I can go two rows of cells over. 20 yards and 3 feet of concrete and rebar. Finally, I work outside. Heat, cold, reason, a little snow, sweat, etc. And they keep rocking. I love these things, especially considering the price. These are awesome. Grab a pair!
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