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Reviewed in the United States on June 25, 2020
I recently returned this "Renewed" Samsung Galaxy Watch Active because it was defective; it would not count Floors correctly (or at all). So I immediately sent the watch to Samsung's repair facility. They said they ran their tests and could not find a problem and returned the watch to me. I tried it again and it still did not count Floors. So I then called the Samsung technical support office (855-795-0509) and talked to a technician who walked me through some diagnostic steps and finally told me I must have a "lemon" and should return the watch. Which I did. I was not given the option of a replacement, only a refund. So I took the refund and sent the watch back using the supplied return label. I was expecting a full refund per the "Amazon Renewed Guarantee Coverage" which states: "If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, return the product within 90 days of receipt of your original purchase (or within 1 year of receipt of a Renewed Premium iPhone) for a full refund or a replacement.". So I was expecting a full refund but instead $10.50 was deducted for shipping charges (to and from) and $18.34 deducted for a 20% restocking fee. This seems wrong and in conflict with the "Amazon Renewed Guarantee Coverage" I referenced above. So I'm unhappy about that.

On the other hand, except for the floors not counting correctly, the watch was pretty cool. It counted steps, it reminded me to get up and going when it detected I was sitting around too much and it kept pretty good track of my heart rate. If it had only counted Floors correctly (like my old, cheap fitbit) I would have kept it and be using it now.
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