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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 27, 2019
I really wanted these to be the ones that worked since they didn't have a cord, but they were not at all good. I thought maybe changing the earbud tips they provide would make a difference but they don't. They just dangle in my ear, about to fall out and the sound sounds as though the earbud isn't in all the way. Then when I push the earbud in further, it is a larger part of the earbud that finally makes contact with my ear enough to hold it in. I just don't think that the part that holds the earbud in my ear is the part that is suppose to. So after having the earbuds in my ear where I think they should be so they don't fall out, I can't have them in longer than 30 to 45 minutes because they hurt my ear.
Then the button on the earbud is not as easy to push as it should be so when you need to push it, you do so pretty hard which hurts your ear even more.
The pairing and playback was actually pretty good. I wanted to use these between my phone and desktop at work and they worked how I thought they would. I get up to use the restroom and they unpair but when I come back they automatically pair with both devices. Switching from one device to the other is pretty decent also but listening to video messages in Marco Polo still had the skipping in the audio which really bothers me.
So I returned these and found a pair of cheaper $20.95 bluetooth headphones with a wire and an around the ear type of earbud thinking that I'll just use them for working out but they are the best pair that I've found yet! They feel great in my ear, I don't notice the piece that wraps around me ear, they pair so easily with 2 devices at the same time, switching between the devices is seamless, the audio in the marco polo app is perfect with no skipping or pops. I would've paid $60 for a pair like these easily!
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