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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 11, 2022
This will be long, but I know through my own search for the most cooling and luxurious textiles and bedding, that reviews are one of the most important aspects of decision making, so if mine helps even one person, then the time was worth it.

I am a 42 year old woman in surgical menopause. This means I’m a SUPER hot sleeper. Night sweats, the whole nine.

My husband, however, enjoys a nice thick and plus blanket, and even in the summer months in TX will wrap himself up in a heavy blanket 🥵

I bought a Eucalyptus Tencel duvet which is GREAT for hot sleepers. Not to mention, the fabric is luxurious as can be. I can’t recommend Tencel, either Eucalyptus (can get $$$), or Bamboo (much better price wise) enough if you are:

A) A hot sleeper
B) Want a silky smooth, buttery soft sensory experience that will make you feel like royalty climbing into bed each night.
C) Some wrinkling doesn’t bother you (or, you like to iron your bedding 😆)

Okay, back to the duvet insert.

Since I was replacing my duvet cover, I decided to go ahead and replace my insert as well.

This is not my first time with a down comforter, however, it *might* be my last.

My previous insert was alternative down. It was thick and fluffy, but also cooling. Not sure how they made a fairly heavy cool, but they did, and it was divine. I should note; it was advertised as a cooling comforter. It was also super affordable, if I remember right, around $45.00.

So, why would I replace such perfection? Unfortunately, after our last duvet cover fell apart, we used the soft, cool, and fluffy blanket as a comforter.

We are a large family, and being that the comforter is white, it didn’t take long before the combination of kids, a mischievous shi tzu 🐶, an unfortunate night of ice cream in bed, and a laundry pod not fully dissolving leaving a big blue streak caught up with it and made it look dingy and stained.

So, I started my search.

Although ‘cooling’ was a top priority, I also didn’t want my duvet to lay completely flat, which sort of defeats the purpose for the full, bunched up look I was wanting. Not a fan of a duvet laying as flat as a sheet, but that’s just a personal preference.

After combing reviews for literal days, using terms such as “cooling down duvet insert”, I narrowed it down to five.

Then, as OCD would have it, I spent another two days then comparing those five.

I would’ve saved money going with the alternative fill as I had before, but I really did like the fuller look, along with the fact that I slept on goose down my whole childhood and loved it, so I decided to spend the extra 💵 SO LONG as there were enough reviews that mentioned that the comforter had a cooling effect, or at minimum, didn’t have a ton saying Joe uncomfortably hot it was.

Finally, my decision was made for me. Not only did this down insert check all of the boxes, but there were plenty of mentions about the coolness. Many reviews mentioned that even the all season wasn’t hot, and gave a nice cooling affect. Being the fluffy look I wanted, after much debating, I added the heavier all season to my cart.

Then, it went on lightening sale. My decision was no longer hard. This was a moderately expensive comforter with excellent reviews, that also met my criteria, and on sale to boot? Perfect 🤩

It arrived the next day in a fairly small box, which I expected, compressed. Tip; this box is HARD to open and has staples and very strong tape. I wouldn’t rush opening it or use anything too sharp so you don’t get a rip, but it was a struggle. No big deal though. The box, however, was a dented, ripped up mess. Since it’s not a breakable item that didn’t worry me, but in terms of presentation, it failed there. Definitely not giftable if you’re wanting nice packaging.

Don’t be alarmed when you lay it out and it’s thin with little fluff.

I first let it breathe, flat in my bed for about an hour, followed by about 45 minutes on cool/fluff in the dryer.

I tried 10 min in the dryer as many suggested, but it was still too flat for my liking. 45 really perked it up.

However- there is NO way that the weight of the comforter is as light as stated. I looked at the light weight and all season for days, as previously explained, and the all season is the same weight as my last comforter.

This one is HEAVY. I mean, two people to insert into the duvet heavy, and if using alone sans duvet cover, possibly two people to make the bed type of heavy.

I knew then I might have a problem with heat, but decided to give it a go.

The texture of the comforter is hard to describe. Squeaky comes to mind. Not soft like my last few. Almost feels and sounds like vinyl. It makes a ton of noise while shaking it, tossing around in bed, making you bed etc. so if this bothers him, you may want to stop here.

I was hoping, however, that the odd slippery feeling fabric might be where the not hot, cooling effect would come from.

Unfortunately, not the case.

The loops to tie your duvet into are very small. Not the end of the world, but I can see someone with arthritis or hand disabilities struggling there.

Popping it into my new duvet was much easier than I’m used to, but I have to attribute that to the the sturdy and generous ties and zipper on the duvet cover.

I’d like to note, I have the following on my bed; a cooling bamboo bed topper, a cooling mattress pad, cooling Bamboo Tencel sheets (DIVINE), Cooling Tencel pillow cases on all pillows, Cooling gel pillows, as well as the silky, slippery Eucalyptus Tencel duvet.

With my previous, but beat up down alternative comforter, my bed was like sleeping on a cloud. A really nice and cold one.

Unfortunately, the addition of this comforter has completely overpowered the expensive lengths I went to in order to create my own personal cold sleeping experience.

Within minutes of hopping into bed the first night my husband said “I am sweating my butt off, I don’t think this comforter is going to work out for us”.

This, coming from the 250 lb caveman who can wear sweaters in the summer? Uh-oh.

So, it’s been a little over a week. I wanted to give it a fair shot before going through the trouble of a return. Not to mention, I’ve never been great at figuring out how to return big items like this once they’re out of the 📦 🧐

I can honestly say I’ve never sweat more in my sleep, ever. Not even over the last two years in which my body completely stopped making any hormones due to an emergency hysterectomy.

The comforter would look nice, fluff wise, on a guest bed because it DOES provide that full look that is so inviting.

It may even be great for you primary bed *if* you:

A) Live in a 🥶 climate, or you’re a cold sleeper.

B) Don’t mind all of the squeaking (again, envision the sound of vinyl rubbing together, it’s all I can compare it to, and no, this is not normal on a high quality down comforter as another reviewer stated), which you WILL hear all night, unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t toss and turn, or, you can sleep through noise.

C) Prefer a weighted blanket. I’ve never used a weighted blanket, but the way this blanket feels and how heavy it is, I’d imagine it’s similar.

As for the stitching and whatnot, the quality is good from what I can tell.

Don’t be alarmed at the black feathers you may notice. They did include a card that stated you may find a few. That said, there were FAR more than a few in mine, so if you are planning on using this without a duvet cover, you might want to be mindful of that.

There is no way that the random assortment of black feathers 🪶 within the comforter would go unnoticed if left bare.

Although I appreciated the heads up they gave on the included card about this, if I had bought this to use alone with no cover I’d definitely be upset.

To be fair to the company, they may have highlighted this fact on their listing, but I was so busy worrying about weight and temp I may have missed it.

Again though, the card included says “you may find a few”. If I had to guess, there are at least 10 visible black feathers on the side of the comforter I checked out, but full transparency, I didn’t check both sides thoroughly.

All in all, this isn’t necessarily a bad comforter, but it’s definitely not a fit for my particular needs, which obviously is subjective.

I wouldn’t normally write something THIS lengthy, but many of the reviews on this comforter (which again, can be subjective) do not match my personal experience with the product, so I felt it was important that people get a chance to see as many opinions as possible before spending money.

If you found this review helpful, please leave me a 👍 up as it will help me know if taking the time to write a detailed review is worthwhile.

Happy sleeping 💤
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