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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 18, 2021
Update 10/9/21: Hopefully this is my final update to this review.

TL;DR: If you have trouble with these units, reach out to the company for help. They care a lot about customer satisfaction. Highly reflective surfaces may cause the unit to flip out (dispense randomly, flash the red light after dispensing); but not all units have this issue.

5 stars for customer support. After emailing back and forth about the two problems I was experiencing, the company sent me two replacement devices, and have since followed up to make sure those devices are working for me. They acknowledge that there are sensitivity issues with the sensor, and are working on a new version that will hopefully address those issues.

4 stars for the product itself. Of course we'd all like these things to be perfect, and as far as foaming soap dispensers go, these are really nice. It's great that you can adjust the amount they dispense, and they're easy to turn off (like when you're cleaning the counter and don't want to trigger the sensor). I can't give them 5 stars at this time because of the amount of effort I've had to put into dealing with the fussy ones, but still, 4 stars is good. I'm happy with them.

Here's what ended up happening with the two replacement units. One of them worked fine, no issues found so far. That one replaced the one reported below that was flashing a white light and beeping randomly -- it had started beeping randomly in the middle of the night, after being untouched for more than a week, which was not ok.

The other one went into the same bathroom with the red light issue. However, the replacement unit's behavior was *even worse*. Not only did it do the thing where it would start flashing a red light after dispensing, it also was dispensing soap when you'd walk into the room, or when you open the medicine cabinet above -- but only at night, when we turned on the light. We figured out what was going on, both with this unit and probably with the one it replaced; that bathroom has a white porcelain sink, and recessed lighting that points directly down at the sink. The reflective surface causes the light to shine up on the sensor, causing it to flip out. I swapped this dispenser with the one in the kitchen, and it doesn't flip out in the kitchen. Everything is good now. If you have highly reflective surfaces, you may encounter this issue. If you have more than one of these dispensers, try swapping them!

Update 9/21/21: Hilariously, after posting the update below yesterday morning, two more of these devices in my home started to act up.

The first one decided that flashing a white light and beeping randomly was the thing to do. I tried wiping it off (in case any water got in places that it shouldn't), and when that didn't help, I swapped it into the guest bathroom and left it off for most of the day. It's back on now, but hasn't been used so I don't know if it will start misbehaving again.

The second problem yesterday was with the one I had swapped out from the guest bathroom -- this one was from the more recent purchase and has only been used a few times in the ~month I've had it. This one has decided that a red flashing light is where it's at. The batteries I put in were new, and the instruction manual doesn't actually indicate what a red flashing light means. Since the behavior started right after dispensing soap (which I think was turned up to the highest output level), I turned it down a notch, and so far the problem hasn't manifested again. But who knows. These things seem to work in randomly unreliable ways, and I have wasted far too much of my life dealing with them.

Original review, and yesterday's update, are still below:

Update: i finally heard from customer service (maybe they saw this review?). They suggested trying hot water to clear things out. I forgot to mention in my original review that i did try this, and it didn't help (or at least didn't immediately help).

I bought two of these, and liked them so much, I bought two more about a month later. Well, as soon as I got the second batch, one of the first ones I got stopped working right. The soap mixture was just dribbling out, not foaming.

I reached out to customer service through the website, and... crickets. Nothing. I was pretty annoyed and basically figured I'd have to return the busted dispenser under the guise of it being one of the ones from the second batch I had ordered (since the first batch was outside the return window by then).

But while I waited to hear back from customer service (still haven't heard anything, weeks later), I tried some things. Maybe one of these things that I tried helped, and maybe it'll help others who end up in the same situation.

First, I added more water to the soap; this dispenser's soap was not mixed precisely to the ratio they recommend (IIRC, 5:1 water:soap) because I had been using it in a different foaming dispenser. Watering it down didn't help.

I tried wiping off the orifices, and swapping out the lid (w/ attached hose) with another dispenser. That didn't help.

I swapped out the soap container entirely with another dispenser in which I *had* done the proper proportions of water to soap. That didn't help.

I swapped out the batteries -- even though the batteries were essentially new, on the off-chance they were bad -- and that didn't help.

Finally, out of desperation, I just cranked it up to maximal output, and just kept trying to use it, accepting the dribbled-out watery soap as my penance for buying an overpriced soap dispenser. After a few days, it got over whatever was wrong with it, and now it works fine (well over a week now without an issue).

FWIW, I use a mix of Bronner's Castile soap with a touch of Freesens Liquid Marseilles soap (for scent).
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