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Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2021
More and more, as time goes on, you hear about significant IT risks, hacking, and malicious conduct by big players. Yes, the US Government (NSA et. al.) has contributed to the the problem. But at least that's our Government with some remnant of hope it's conduct can be determined and influenced by us. For large foreign entities, like the Chinese Government, I see little means of being assured our risk is acceptable. And the Chinese Government can adversely influence any of their companies, and do influence some of them.

All that said, yes, Chinese TP-Link and their Kasa smart home products are well designed, well made, and work well. I am pleased with the HS200 switches.

The other stuff is a bigger issue, in no way isolated to the the HS200. In fact, I have no specific info that the HS200s or any Kasa items pose IT risks. But it's possible.
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