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Reviewed in the United States on November 6, 2018
Three in a row now that have had various problems (pendant fire tv, fire cube, fire stick 4k). Not sure why I keep trying new ones. Still hoping Amazon will come through.

The good about this is adding the dolby vision throughout including in menus is a very big picture improvement. Even non-4k apps like playstation vue which normally don't look all that great get a huge visual improvement with this stick. In addition it's finally nice to have a remote that controls the tv and volume. They also did a good job of improving the speed which was a huge blunder on the fire cube. For those reasons we are keeping this one instead of sending back.

The bad is that once again Amazon has fallen short of what the product is supposed to to. This time it's in the sound. It is supposed to have dolby atmos, and it does but only works with prime from what I can see so far. And the only prime show I know about that has atmos at this time is jack ryan. The atmos does not work with netflix and you can't download vudu unless you side load it but the side loaded version is not 4k so it's useless anyway. Hoping they will fix the netflix problem with a firmware update soon. And would be really great if they'd play nice with vudu and get a proper app for that.

The only other streamer I know of that does everything I want (dolby vision and atmos plus decent remote) is the apple tv but while I haven't tried it my understanding is it has some annoyances like not being able to rent or buy through apps like vudu for example. You either have to buy things separately through a website or just use itunes. In addition it's $100 more expensive. However, with what looks like another Amazon streamer that misses the mark as soon as a streamer comes out that does everything I want I'm done with Amazon ones.

Update: Since first review we've had multiple sound issues where the sound will drop out for a second. Also, apparently it was trying to do an update however the update would never finish and it just stayed on the white fire tv splash screen and would never come back. I tried multiple times for about 30 minutes. I give up. We're done. It's being returned. Rating adjusted to one star.
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