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Reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2017
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 It's been five days! She loves it! My dog went suddenly blind about 2 months ago (SARDS) and has been delressed, anxious, and inactive for the most part since then. Her favorite activity previously was her tennis ball, and she was the best at fetch! (That thing was better than a leash). I didn't think I'd find anything similar in catching and sustaining her attention.

I should have prefaced with...I HAVE A BLIND JACK RUSSELL TERRIER!!!! She loves this toy. I bought a host of toys "highly" recommended for blind dogs on several reputable blogs and sites. She has tinkered with a couple others:

but this toy is by far her favorite, steals her attention, and no other can measure up to the happiness this one brings her.

I don't usually post reviews. I decided to today after her vet saw the video of her first playtime experience with this ball. She said, "THIS is exactly the testament to how blind dogs can have a quality of life!"

I couldn't agree more!
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