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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2020

I HAAATE how much these cost and think it is absolutely STUPID. BUT! the joy it brings my babe, is priceless. As soon as you see the joy it brings your kid day after day after day, you’ll forget about the price tag.

I waffled between this one and the longer (I think 40 vs 60 length) size—but then I realized I could get this shorter one and the big blocks (same material) for a few bucks more and that was the best decision ever!

It’s a perfect size! My babe is 1 and having the time of his life crawling up the little ramp, sitting on top watching tv, playing with his toys and bossing us around lol.

Also he has improved with his crawling, climbing, balance, depth perception, rolling things down, how to slide down on his own, now on his tummy lol, crawling up the steps, standing and more—these really do help with development BIG TIME.

Get this one and the blocks that are the same material (If you’d like to know which, I did a review on them. Too lazy to look for you lol). And literally you are good to go. Don’t buy other toys—invest in this climb thingy and the blocks. They won’t miss out on any toys—I could give my son a spoon and he’d have the time of his life with this and his oversized blocks.
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