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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2021
I've had these earbuds for a week and I am completely satisfied with their performance. I initially bought them to supplement a much more expensive pair of Samsung buds whose battery only lasted about 5.5 hours or so. The idea was to charge the Samsungs while using the ERUNs.
Turns out that the battery on the ERUNs is far superior to the Samsungs. After 6.5 hours they are showing 60% battery life remaining. They also charge quickly. During my 30 minute lunch break, I put them back in the charging case and they charge to 100%. The sound is at least as good the Samsungs and the WIFI range extends slightly farther in my opinion. They also fit better inside my ears, but that may be different for other individuals. They are easy to pair initially and I have not have any issues with subsequent pairings to my phone. And I paid less then 20 bucks for these...the Samsungs were over 100 dollars.
Hopefully they last a while. I'll post an update if they don't, but as of this writing I can recommend them to anyone that doesn't want to spend a fortune on ear buds.
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