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Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2020
The device is fine for basics, but I was hoping for a lot more abilities. In hindsight I might have just purchased a fire tablet and stand instead, but decided I didn't want to deal with that either.

In reality I guess I'm more disappointed with Alexa than I am with the Echo Show, but the Echo Show made the deficiencies (from my point of view) so much more obvious. Here are some of the greater disappointments for me:

1) Most things can only be done using your voice - not by using the menus, as many of the abilities do not even show up on menus. The bigger menu is mostly suggestions on things you can/should try.

2) I cannot find a way to turn off the "Try" suggestions when it is idle. I was able to turn off everything else that I didn't want showing up when it wasn't in use, but that just will not go away.

3) Silk (the web browser) closes at what feels like random times. I use it to show recipes while cooking, and I'm frequently having to ask Alexa to open Silk again when I'm ready for the next step. This happens even if I'm touching the screen regularly. Luckily it reopens to the same page I was already on, which saves some time, but having to give the command over and over is annoying.
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