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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 6, 2021
For the past several years my family and I have been getting away from sugar. But we are all chocolate lovers! Therefore I have purchased many silicone and poly molds here on Amazon and use Monkfruit instead of sugar and various Unsweetened Chocolate or pure Cocoa to make candies. One of the chocolate candies I make is with almonds and adding a few drops of this oil the the recipe certainly gives an excellent flavor to the chocolate. NEVER use an LIQUID extract of any kind in Chocolate. Liquid extracts are excellent for baking but ANY KIND of liquid will cause Chocolate to SEIZE up and ruin it. ALWAYS USE OIL. Amazon sells many types of food grade oil additives such as Orange, Peppermint, etc.

I highly recommend this oil.. especially if you are making chocolate.
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