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Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2021
I enjoyed all seasons of Project Runway and the first season of Making the Cut but this season felt like it was lagging, perhaps time for the curtain to close for good. Heidi Klum looks more interested in her other job at America's Got Talent. The judges were uninspiring. I do think that the correct winner was chosen among the 3 finalists, given that Andrea P. consistently had a plus size model to dress when others did not. A lot of reviewers voiced that Gary should have won but for this show, Gary was the wrong designer. He should not have made it to the final. He had no business pitch. All he presented to the Amazon Executive were his design choices, absent any business plan. He also did not react well to the Amazon Executive's feedback about "historical" look of his designs. Note that Gary admitted he likes dressing for the "Amish". Gary got a lot of points for his impromptu painting of two white outfits but if you look at the outfits, no one in the world would buy the ugly clothes, just black paint strokes on very cheap looking white outfits. Gary did not meet the criteria for this show which is to promote Amazon's clothing brand and accessibility. I don't think Amish inspired clothes sell well, maybe for Halloween. Women also do not want baggie/over-sized clothes which is Gary's style. I personally liked the designs of the designer from France. Her clothes were accessible and had the expensive designer look. But, the judges sent her home because they didn't like her video. I don't buy clothes based on videos. If the show is to return, it needs to make clear that the show is about accessibility and also, every designer should have to dress a plus size model in all fairness. I hope Heidi doesn't return. Why not give us feedback on what clothes do sell well on Amazon.
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