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Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2018
Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t give this 5 stars. They didn’t follow the steps, obviously. I have a worse cat pee problem than all of you combined and this was the only- the ONLY - product that worked. Just listen. We just moved into this new house with plenty of space for our three cats. The two females and one male are treated with premium respect- each has its own covered litter box in its own location, each receives two healthy portions of raw food daily and at least 4 hours outside. They return eagerly when called. They are seemingly happy and content with our situation. The male cat is not ours, it’s my mothers, and we’ve been watching him for 6 months. When we moved, he began lining one particular wall in my office with urine. Upon further inspection with black lights, there seems to be a size able 1-2 ft wide strip of urine lining the 20 foot wall. There is so much that I am forced to conclude that he couldn’t have done it alone. We learned the previous tenants had cats, and we believe our male is lining this wall to mark over pre-existing urine. This is the only explanation I have, hence the pretext about how we treat the cats, and as a graduate of animal behavioral science I think I’m right on this one. So for the last month I’ve been coming home, sniffing the air at the front door (20 to 30 feet from the urine wall) and dawning my gloves angrily as I get down and clean the urine wall and underlying carpet with every cleaner known to man. I’ve used three bottles of urine gone, Resolve, natures miracle (cat and dog), water and vinegar, just vinegar, just water...I’ve tried scrubbing, stamping, vacuuming, blotting- all to come home to the smell that lingers. I’ve heard cat pee can end marriages and I see why now. Once I read that lady’s review for Rocco and Roxie, I said screw it and ordered a 32 oz bottle, hoping that the combination of enzymes and bacteria could make a difference. Let me tell you, IT DID. I thought the man vs cat pee war was lost, and I had almost given up hope. Problem is the volume. I used the entire 32 oz, let it sit for three or four hours, blotted thoroughly and then vacuumed with our specialized pet accident vacuum cleaner that has claws on one of the heads to penetrate deep into the shallow carpet. The smell is about 90 percent gone. So I begged my mom to buy the gallon for me, (it’s her cat after all) and we’re waiting for it eagerly in the mail. We run an air bnb in the house and we had a poor review because of the odor which was made one day before the original 32 oz bottle of Rocco and Roxie came. I’m hoping that a full gallon will be able to get rid of this. Thank you for making the only product that works.

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