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Reviewed in the United States on December 9, 2020
Update 1-2-2021:
Well it seems I made an error in my original review. If you do change your wifi name or password you can re-connect the device without loosing all your settings. The key is to not select "reset device" when re-connecting it, which is what i did. Then it will go straight to the wifi setup section without loosing names or schedules. However this isn't mentioned anywhere in the manual (which is just a little card telling you to use the app). I had to get the information from users at the Kasa forum and it took a while to find.
So I'm uping my rating, but still docking 1 star for this to not be documented in the user guide or app.

Original Review:
I purchased a TP-Link power strip and it worked so well and was so easy to set up that I purchased another one and this single outlet plug. It to was super easy to set up and works great.
So why the low score? Well, if you make any changes to your wifi such as changing the password, SSID name, or changing it to a hidden SSID every single device stops working and must be factory reset and then reinstalled. You end up loosing all the device names, groups, schedules, and scenes. I routinely change my wifi password once a month for security reasons and am now stuck with having to reconfigure 13 outlets every month. This is completely unacceptable. There is currently no way to go to the devices settings and update the password, or change the network name.
If you dont regularly change anything this is fine, but for those of us who are security minded it absolutely stinks. Untill such time as they push out a firmware or app update to address this, I won't be getting any more of these. I had planned to get a couple of more power strips and single plugs, but unless this issue is fixed, forget it. Its to much of a hassle to have to redo these every month.
I can only assume that the rest of TP-Link's products do the same as they all use the same app.
How they let this product and others out the door with such a huge flaw is beyond me.
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