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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 31, 2020
I have both the T10s and the T12s. Both are amazing earbuds with excellent audio quality. There are a few improvements over the T10. First, the T12s offer a larger selection of of different sized ear attachments. They also come in a box neatly organized instead of a plastic bag. I have a preference over really small ones and the T12 seems to fit better with its smallest attachment. I also tested it on the T10 and it felt better. Second, it is so much easier to remove them from the case. For some reason the magnets are very strong on the T10 case making it very hard to get your fingers low enough to pop them out. The T12s are very easy to get them out. Third, the case is very sleek, much shorter and lighter than the T10 case. Forth, the T12 case displays the percentage of battery life for each headset. The T10 case does not provide this. However, I do wish we knew the percentage of battery life of the case as well. Lastly, the shape of the earbuds are more comfortable for my ears. This is a preference due to my ear shape and not necessarily an overall improvement. All other features are basically the same. Excellent battery life, touch functionality for volume control, answer calls, place calls on hold, fast forward and rewind, etc. Pairing is as easy as it gets with both versions. My wife uses these for work via teams and I use them to watch TV at night so I don't disturb her. Tozo is a great company with very responsive customer service that seems to care about their customers. Their selection of earbuds/electronics keeps growing to meet everyone's needs. You can't go wrong with this purchase!
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