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Reviewed in the United States on December 27, 2019
**Update 3/11/2020
*I was sent the velcro components that were missing to attach these pieces together. They still didn't send enough but now the structure is much safer for my child. We have had this for about 3 months now and my son is in love with this. It has really helped with balance and his confidence. Even his cousins that are 4 and 7 play on it.

I will start that my son (who is 2) is very excited when he saw this set up in our living room Christmas morning. My husband and I not so much.

This arrived in 3 boxes. None labeled 1 of 3 and so on so we had no idea when we received the entire product. The 3 boxes came on separate days making it all the more confusing.

The worst part is that this product is advertised as being SAFE. It says that there is a hook and loop system to help keep pieces attached to each other and velcro to help. There is velcro, but NOTHING to attach it to. The pieces do not attach by the velcro to each other so what is their purpose? Is there supposed to be a floor mat to help?
Next it is also advertised that it is safe and kept together by a hook and loop system. There is no hooks and no loops on the bottom, sides or top of these pieces. All the pieces are currently sitting completely loose from one another. The no-slip bottom would work fine on a wood floor but does nothing on carpet.

Lastly, there is no paper in the boxes explaining set up, so I am left guessing what pieces I may be missing are. We were left to set it up based on photos and left dumbfounded on where the safety features are. For the price of the product I expected the safety features to be loud and clear, not missing. I am extremely disappointed in this product, especially when the potential is amazing.

As of 12/27 I have contacted the seller. Awaiting response.
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