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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 7, 2021
I am so impressed with my sleep dispenser. It has a fantastic easy to pull out transparent water reservoir, adjustable amounts of soap dispensed, an on/off button for when cleaning or refilling. It is extremely sensitive and I just absolutely adore it! The rose color is phenomenal!

I spent hours looking for a soap dispenser - now you don't have to - get this one!

Fun Update: There is {for mine at least} an offer in the box to get a year's supply of soap free if you register for the warranty. It took a few weeks, but I got the soap!!! It seems to be a different brand of soap, but I am sure it's the same Awesome effervescent soap tablet that's included free in the dispenser.

Just wanted to share that I am still extremely happy with my dispenser, I'm about to fill it up for the third time now.

I also adore that you can adjust the amount of soap that comes out with what I call the "volume buttons" on the back of the device. You can set it to only dispense a little bit or a lot, and I like a LOT!
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