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Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2020
Finally I can ENJOY my coffee again! For a few years I’ve been drinking BPC with organic (unflavored) coffee... Touch of stevia, a dash of Himalayan pink salt, collagen I,III powder, ghee butter and MCT oil.

Today I drank my yeti tumbler of coffee so fast and with a smile on my face.

My taste buds are happy again.

It’s been awhile since my morning coffee ritual included enjoying the coffee.

I just bought a cold brew thing a ma bob and can’t wait for iced coffee now!

The Brown sugar cinnamon is amazing...bought all of the other cinnamon things and a caramel. This pandemic has me hoarding my coffee stuff... especially during all of this political crap and the plethora of things that need reading etc.. coffee is essential during this crazy, maddening and depressing time.

Soooo buy the syrup to make you happy... especially if you are on keto.... like me... I don’t know about the sugar alcohols this point I don’t GAF Bc coffee tastes great again.

I need good things right now and so do you... buy this stuff. I have zero regrets that I had no impulse control and bought 4 different flavors...

Now I wait to see if they do pumpkin spice 🤗

I’m addicted to this stuff now and just realized it has Splenda . I know people who have suffered from neurological issues Bc of splenda..I’m scared Bc Alzheimer’s runs in my family... I wish they’d go the natural sweetener route. Stevia is way better than the chemicals in Splenda! Or monkfruit even. If they change it I’d still buy their products. At this rate I may throw them away knowing I could be causing myself harm.
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