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Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2021
This is really hard for the parent to setup and configure. I finally got the basics figured out, but I took a month break in the process because I was so frustrated/angry with the dang thing. If you're ok with the content on the tablet as is, this is probably easier to set up. And if you don't intend for your kids to watch stuff offline, then it's probably easy to setup. But UGH!

The tablet itself is great, and my kid loves it. So I gave it 4 stars. But OMG, it's hard for the parent.

1) Buyer beware - we have a PBS Kids subscription for Amazon Prime, specifically so we can watch Daniel Tiger. I assumed I'd be able to download those episodes for play offline. But I was wrong. You actually have to BUY the episode (not have a subscription). So just a heads up, that if you want some content offline, you're going to have to buy it.

2) It's really confusing switching between the profiles to set things up. It took a long time to figure out, but I got it. But now it's hard to find certain things - which profile is it in - where is it?

3) The recommended headrest mounts for this tablet say they fit, but they don't. This case and tablet are SUPER big. You have to take off the handle/prop to get it to fit. Which is fine, but now I have to keep track of where we are storing the handle.

4) The kids profile screen is ABSOLUTELY covered with apps and movies and books. I can't find anything. I'd like to delete most of it, and I wish there were an easy way to organize things so I could see and find things. There may be a way -- but if I do that, can I ever get them back?!
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