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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 5, 2020
I just received this card, and immediately installed it in my computer. Took longer to seat it into the board than anything else - and that only took a few seconds. I installed the drivers that came on the enclosed thumb drive (who sends software on a THUMB DRIVE? That was nice).

My system booted right back up, with WIFI and Bluetooth. I was using one of those USB Bluetooth dongles, but my BT was intermittent. I gave this 4 stars, because I need to test it a bit before I'm confident giving it 5 stars.

I disconnected my ethernet, connected my WiFi, and ran a speedtest. I hit 73Mbs down and up - which is amazing, because I pay for 75 up/down, and this test was the best I have ever had. I ran the test several times to make sure. Looks good!
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