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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2011
If I had to compare this season to a movie in a series, it probably be Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. You know that the stakes are high in the movie and that the fate of the world hangs on the balance with John Conner and "Ah-nold," but you just never take as seriously as T2 because every other scene has you bursting with laughter. Well this show had me laughing in EVERY episode...but in a good way.

The story line for this season is good, but in my opinion not as "stakes are so high" story-lines as season 2, 3, 4, and 5. In fact I felt that this season took the story to a more personal importance, along the lines of season 1 and 3 as opposed to "oh no the world is coming to an end, we have to figure out a way to stop it!" Season 1 was trying to figure out where the brothers stood in terms of fighting the yellow-eyed demon, and season 3 was Sam trying to find a way to save his brother Dean from going to hell, and I felt the same type of personal urgency from this season as those two seasons.

This time Dean has to save Sam (spoiler alert!) by finding his soul. Sam is a walking, empty husk with no soul inside, but also an emotionless, uncaring psychopath who will do anything to finish a "job" - even risking the life of his own brother Dean. So you can imagine how much personal conflicts arise with this predicament and how many times the show can get really emotional. However, at the same time I have to say that this season was also the funniest season.

For example, looking at the "The French Mistake" episode, (where the brothers go to an alternate reality where they find they are only actors named Jensen/ Jared who only act like they are killing monsters and there are no real monsters, demons, or angels) where the two brothers spend nearly 5 minutes doing a take on a scene over and over again, which was handled brilliantly by Jensen/ Jared. The two actors acted so well that they didn't know how to act that it was believable and kept me laughing for the duration of the scene. I haven't laughed like that since Will Farell was having a heartfelt convo in a fish suit with his basketball team in "Semi-pro."

All in all, I would not say that this season was the BEST season out of the 6, but you can tell the producers were trying to approach season six a little bit differently than seasons 4 and 5, where nearly the whole season had apocalyptic feel. This one was more like - hm, things are pretty bad, but the brothers are having fun while they're trying to figure things out and get to know each other all over again. Don't get me wrong, this season has drama like the previous seasons, but it was refreshing to get away from the whole apocalyptic sense and see the brothers interact more leisurely rather than think the clock was always against them because...season 7 is gonna get REAL apocalyptic (BIG spoiler alert) with Castiel becoming god-like/ insane towards the end of season 6.
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