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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2019
This company need to use a different method of packaging their product!! I noticed what appeared to be sand on my driveway (I didn't think much of it).. once inside the house, I picked the box up and and proceeded to open it (Not knowing what was inside the amazon box).. when I opened the box I saw nothing but what appeared to be a sand mound!! I took it to the bathroom straight awayand sat the box over the sink!! My box had a big order inside of it!! Everything was white.. the bag that the Cetric Acid was in ripped from one side to the other!! (My ENTIRE ORDER WAS RUINED, MY DRIVEWAY PAVERS HAS WHAT APPEARS TO BE RUST STAINS ON MAYBE SIX OF THEM, ONE SIDE OF MY THROAT BECAME SOAR (FROM CLEANING UP THE FINE PARTICLES) MY HANDS WERE BURNING -- I DIDN'T HAVE ON GLOVES-- WAS TRYING TO CLEAN AND SWEEP UP THE MESS BEFORE IT DESTROYED MY HARDWOOD AND TILE FLOORS)!!!
After all of that, I didn't make the bath bombs and my anxiety went through the roof!!
Funny thing is, this company doesn't accept returns!! (Amazon took it off my bill though)!!
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