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Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2019
I ordered this for my 23mo for Christmas when it came up as a deal during Cyber Week. I was surprised when the box arrived at how small it was but I should have read the description that had the dimensions on it. A couple weeks later now I opened the box to see what the actual size of each pieces is(this would be a great addition to the description or images). I haven’t measured exactly The height of the larger pieces are about 10inches and the length is probably just over two feet.

My daughter is taller than they are long. So I’m not sure this will be appropriate for a toddler. Probably great for a newly crawling/climbing baby.

The pieces are also much softer than the typical mats you would find at a toddler gymnastics class. Under my weight(135) the foam sinks right down. An adult would not be able to use these with their children.

I think these will be going back and I will be searching for a new “big gift” for Christmas.
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