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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 2, 2019
First of all, the product does seem to be of good quality and it does work well, at least outdoors (where we are using ours). As several others have already pointed out, though, the product description is flat out WRONG on this!! One (1) set of panels configured in a "square" formation would only equal 16 sqft, and even if you went with a perfect "octagonal" shape, you would still only increase the square footage by a little over 3 sqft...up to just over 19 where near the 64 sqft that they are advertising! :-(

We've already purchased five (5) of these, and they are working well, but after starting with just two (2) sets, in a pseudo-octagonal shape, we quickly realized that we probably couldn't do long, straight sections of fencing, as we expanded, as the added length of the sides quickly diminished the stability of the fence along the long sections.....even when using the included stakes! So, we ended up zig-zagging the fencing, making sure that we created small angles with each panel......nothing severe, maybe just a 10-20 degree angle every panel, or so, but it seemed to be enough to allow us to attach all five (5) sets together into one much larger pen....not a square or an octagon, but something in between, with zig-zagged edges.

For anyone who's interested (but doesn't want to do the math), here are the areas you would be able to achieve combining the sets, using a "square" configuration.....
1 = 16sqft
2 = 64sqft
3 = 144sqft
4 = 256sqft
5 = 400sqft

And, here are the approximate "octagonal" areas you would acthieve....
1 = 19sqft
2 = 77sqft
3 = 174sqft
4 = 309sqft
5 = 482sqft

Hope that helps!?
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