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Reviewed in the United States on January 3, 2020
Though I got a pretty good deal on Planter’s Lightly Roasted Cashews, I was ever so slightly disappointed. Don’t get wrong, I’m not saying they were bad, they weren’t, I just thought they lacked in flavor a teeny bit. That fresh roasted flavor and smell that you get when you first open and tasted a new can of cashews, just was lacking a bit. The lightly salted, was far too lightly as well, in my opinion. I’ve bought plenty of lightly salted roasted nuts before, and these needed more. I’m not a big salt shaker person, I don’t add salt to hardly anything I eat (seasoning yes) but I do notice when when something needs more salt. Maybe I gotten a few bad batches, ever so slightly under roasted & undersalted? If they are on special, I’d probably take a chance and buy them again though, because like I said, they still are tasty!
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