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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021
I bought a bottle of this and a few other clean eco friendly detergents to try back in Feb 13 2021. My fiance and I have only been using this since because I wanted to test each one out on its own until we’ve used them all. When we do laundry we usually do large loads and since we have an older washing machine it’s not energy efficient so we do two “doses” which would be two squirts I guess with its easy dose cap. Even though it doesn’t seem like it wouldn’t be enough it works great and we’ve both been really happy with this detergent. We each do a large load of clothes maybe every other week and clean towels and bedding just about as much so I thought we would have blown though such a tiny bottle by now. This is our first experience in a concentrated detergent so we were used to the big things of detergent and having to use a lot of it to get our laundry clean but this stuff has been doing great. We live in a pretty small apartment with not a lot of storage space so replacing a giant container of detergent for something more compact has been really nice. It also is a lot less of a hassle to dispense and we feel good about the ingredients in this too. We’ve been trying to be more conscious about the ingredients in the products we use and this was an easy transition from what we used before. I think now if we had to use regular detergent it would just feel wrong lol. Even though we thought we’d go though a whole bottle by now we still have a quarter left which exceeded our expectations. The one thing we noticed that was odd and weren’t used to was the fact our clothes had NO scent at all but they were clean. Usually we had some kind of scent on our laundry that gave it that “clean” smell and I’m sure it was clean but it was unnecessary and full of chemicals. I haven’t noticed any weird buildups or damage to our laundry from this product so I really appreciate that too lol. Overall I would really recommend this product theres so many positives with it and I don’t think I would ever want to go back to “traditional” detergent again. I also think is worth the cost, much easier to use, less messy, and takes up less space, and because it’s more concentrated you don’t need to use as much and it cuts cost on transportation. I think more products should be like this. Traditional detergents are watered down so it makes it heavier which in turn costs more money to transport it and it requires more plastic waste too. It’s just overall a great product in our opinion
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