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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 5, 2021
Well just like all the other comments warning me not to buy this, I didn't listen... It just looked so comfortable and I love the overall look of this comforter. I will say, it's extremely comfortable. Like 10/10 easily... As far as it feeling hot at night, this is pretty much subjective to the individual. I can see how some might complain and I can see how some would not complain at all. It's overall well rounded is all I can say when it comes to the heat vs cool feeling you'll get. It's cool enough... The reason it gets 1 star and why I'll never purchase it again and why I wasted my $ and should have listened to the other reviews, is because it'll show major HUGE burn marks all over the cover whenever you throw it into the dryer. Even if you put your dryer at the most minimal heat possible, within 20 minutes it'll be ruined... There will be large burn marks all over it, and changes the texture to a rough uncomfortable feeling. I should have listened... I just figured sense it was so cheap I'd give it a try and see if my dryer would be better. I was going to put it in there for 20 minutes at a time and check it every 20. After the first 20 it was a goner... Absolutely destroyed, and this was on the lowest of lowest heat. Hard to believe but not lying. Too lazy to take pics and upload them but just take my word for it and look at the photos that people did take. Buying this is a complete waste of $. What a shame because that 1 flaw kept this from being #1 in my book for all time favorite comforters. Now it's at the bottom, all because of that. Blows my mind someone would sell something that has a predetermined fate to burn the first time you try and clean it. It's borderline a scam. SMH
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