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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 14, 2019
I purchased this insurance plan along with a $400 instaOne X. That’s is a 360 degree camera, meaning unprotected lenses protrudes where it can easily get damaged. I was leaving for two weeks in Europe and I wanted some protection in case and price wasn’t that bad.

Sure enough on my 10th day, in Prague, my camera fell off the outdoor table onto a concrete ground putting a deep scratch on the lens. On my footage from this point on you can see a blur on my footage.

As soon as I’ve returned to the US, I initialed a claim. It is entirely done online. Process was actually simple but every step of the way they deny you. Then you had to call to get an “override” which they always did without a single issue.

There is no deductible and they attempt to repair whatever the units is first. But as soon as they assess it, they credit your amazon account with full purchase price. Mine was done in about 4 days and I immediately ordered another InstaOne X and bought a three year insurance this time. Definitely worry the money for any electronics. When I get my $800 drone, I’ll be sure to purchase one of these for it as well. I’m a believer now!!
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