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Reviewed in the United States on June 9, 2020
I bought this a month ago. I charged the case up to 100% when I first received it. I have used the earbuds almost every day for anywhere from 2 to 6+ hours. I think once I ran out of power once but I had them on for around 8 hours that day. Since charging the case back on May 8th the case battery gauge is only down to 49%.

My only complaints are that during heavy activity they do have a tendency to want to slip out of my ears. Also, calls made on them are not clear to the other caller. The caller is very clear but I received a lot of complaints about being muffled and breaking up.

If you have a desk job like I do and you want to listen to music all day - that is all - these are fine.

If you're looking for a call center earbud or a workout earbud these may not be your best selection.
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