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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 28, 2018
Over the past year I've purchased at least six sets of sheets. I recently discovered Pinzon by Amazon, and their flannel sheets are wonderful, as are the 400 thread count. However, I have yet to be able to configure the right combination of light weight sheets and a light blanket until I found these microfiber sheets. They're different, ok? Don't expect hotel quality sheets. But wow, are they cool at night! I read lots of reviews and made sure to wash them in cold water, dry on low and remove from dryer promptly. They came out perfectly! I have a deep mattress with a gel/foam topper, and the sheets fit perfectly. They do make a sort of slippery sound, but it's not bothersome, just different. I'm here to get another set today. Wish I had tried them sooner.

ETA 11/16/19 - I'm purchasing my 3rd and 4th sets of these sheets today. One will be a gift for my mom and dad. Over a year later, I've had no issues at all. They continue to wash and fit perfectly, and are easily adaptable for weather changes. I add a flannel top sheet or blanket when chilly. Can't be beat for under $20 a set. There are additional sets of pillowcases available in standard and king.

Update 12/20/21 - I'm back for more! A set for myself, and another for my parents. I upgraded to a larger bed earlier this year and replaced all my smaller sheets (in this brand and style) with identical sets a size larger. All this time later, and I've lost count of how many sets I've purchased, and I still have no complaints. No pilling, no bugs. Just cute, comfy sheets. (Amazon tells me that I've purchased these sheets 11x now!)
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