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Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2021
- Clicks are *very* quiet on left and right, and scroll is quiet.
- You can feel when you click, even though it's quiet.
- Clicks are easy and not tiring.
- Lightweight and still feels fairly sturdy.
- Uses only 1 AA battery, which keeps the weight down and saves on batteries over time.
- Receiver is slim and totally plug-and-play.
- Sleeps but wakes up reliably with a single click.
- On/Off switch on bottom.
- Variable DPI button adds functionality and is well-placed to avoid accidentally hitting it.
- Tracks well on a variety of surfaces, including smooth wood and couch cushions.
- Isometric shape allows for use in right or left hand.
- Great price.

- Not very ergonomic, but not bad. I like the length, and it's rounded but could be taller and have more of an indent for your thumb.
- No extra buttons, not even back/forward.
- Clicking the mouse wheel and DPI switch are not nearly as quiet as scrolling or clicking mouse buttons.
- I bought this in red, which looks nice, but the light of the laser glows through the bottom a lot.
- The battery/receiver compartment lid is a bit tricky, it has no moving parts but just a shape that clips in and feels like it could possibly break if you forced it too many times.

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. If you want a *quiet* wireless mouse for a good price, this may be a leading contender. Works for gaming, with adjustable DPI, but the lack of extra buttons and simple shape would leave demanding gamers wanting more. Great for a laptop on the couch or doing basic computer work. The standout feature is how quiet yet responsive the clicks are. The simplicity and low price are also big pros.
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