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Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2019
After a few weeks of ownership I've dropped the rating. To be clear, I think that this thing is built well and priced right. When everything works, Alexa response quickly and clearly. I like the idea of bringing some artificial intelligence to my commute.

That said, Echo Auto's dependence on the Alexa app severely hamstrings it. On Android (I have a Pixel 2 XL) the app is okay at best because suffers from a few connection and integration issues. Examples:

(1) I use an Android Wear watch. When the music stops playing in the car, the app doesn't tell the watch so it continues to show the "Now Playing" window.

(2) The Echo Auto once informed me that it could no longer connect to my phone, requiring me to unlock the device and restart the app. I was driving and couldn't safely pull over, so the Echo Auto was unable to perform its task.

(3) Hours after getting out of my car the Alexa app continued to show me the music playing notification on my phone. I keep dismissing it, it keeps showing up. I ended up disabling Alexa notifications, which appears to disable *all* Alexa app notifications so the app doesn't seem to follow Android's best practices.

(4) The music that was playing on the Echo Auto may randomly start playing on its own hours after getting out of the car. Since I disabled the notifications in step 3 above, there is no way to quickly stop it via the phone (good thing my watch thinks the music is always playing) so at least that's an option. It is pretty great when music starts playing during a meeting at work! /s

While this should be a review of the Android version of the Alexa app, the problem is that the Echo Auto is entirely dependent on it. Unlike the other Echo devices, which stand very well on their own, the Alexa app makes or breaks this Echo. In my case, it is firmly the latter.
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