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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2021
First, know this... The cabinet is very small. It looks like someone shrunk a proper hutch in the drier. It's "cute," but might limit your functionality. The internal shelves are only 10" deep, so be warned - lots of things will not fit the way you might hope. Second, the cabinet quality is mid-grade. The price is a little on high side for what you get. The casters for the door will almost certainly require adjustment if you want the doors to actually fit flush against the side with no gapping at either the top or bottom. Poor quality control. And the price... well I got screwed by Amazon's constant fluctuations. I bought two of these things and Amazon dropped the price by $30 each - from $279.99 to $246.49. Amazon no longer offers price adjustments, so I'm out $67 plus tax on a cabinet that's disappointing. In the future... I'll reconsider furniture purchases with Amazon.
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