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Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2022
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These wash gloves are very handy to have on hand if you find yourself having to avoid showering for a couple of days after having surgery. After such an event, I wasn't able to get the incision along my lower back wet for 48 hours (back surgical procedure where the dressing couldn't be removed until post-op visit with doctor). Shower wipes or regular baby wipes are generally fine, but they tend to roll up on themselves when wiping down skin and you have to stop to shake them out flat again. I really liked how these gloves never had that problem. When the moisture was gone from one side, you simply twist the glove 180 degrees and have a fresh side ready to use. There's less chance of dropping these as well since they slip over your hand. I never experienced any kind of skin irritation, though after using my skin did feel a bit sticky until the moisture from the gloves dried. It may have been due to the vitamin E added to help moisturize skin. I prefer baby and facial wipes that leave skin feeling clean, without any residue or filmy feeling left on skin. Still, these were a HUGE help to keep feeling clean until I was allowed to shower. I would absolutely purchase again.
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