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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2018
Reviewed @ $55
Let me start off the review saying this, I have only had these now for a little under a week, so these are just my initial findings. I am coming from a Hopday pair of bluetooth headphones that finally crapped out. Those are in the 20-30 dollar range, so I had big expectations from a 55 dollar pair.

-awesome design; these fit snugly in your ear. This is coming from someone who has very tiny ears and ear canals naturally, and generally I can't use headphones that don't have over ear support. However, these fit in snugly and are a comfortable wear.
-On earphone buttons are intuitive and easy to use. (one complaint in cons)
-Easy pairing process
-Slick designed case

-I wish there were volume controls on the earphones themselves
-Biggest complaint is the sound quality. These have really great bass ends, but they struggle as soon as you have any substantial treble (think cymbals + vocals). They have a rattly sound that would be heard in low budget headphones that had been blown-out. This is big turn off for me as many of the types of music I listen to (alternative, punk, metal) feature these.

All in all these are good headphones if they pulled the price down a little. If they can't get basic sound right, then I think they will need to bring down the price.
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