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Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2020
Bought this for our 19-month old daughter who is OBSESSED with whatever mom and dad are doing on the kitchen countertop. After getting is assembled and trying it out we decided it was too soon for her and stuck it in the garage; we'll try again when she's two. Problem is - and I realize the design limitation of a structure like this - it is INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS for an unattended child to be in; not that we'd let her play in it unsupervised, but she does have access to the kitchen (which is babyproofed to hell and back) and we're both admittedly helicopter parents, but we currently do let her play in the kitchen by herself, and because of our open floorplan can't really keep her out of it, and if she WERE to ever get in there unnoticed and climb up on this thing, she could end up needing an emergency room visit in no time. The open sides of the stool create great injury possibilities is a little foot slips off the side (which actually happened within a few seconds during her first time trying it out - right in front of me) - lots of things to bang a little face on as half her body fell out of the open side. Once those tears subsided, she was right back at it, and within a few more seconds was toppling the thing over face-first (which is my fault as I assembled it in the living room but didn't finish before the girls got home from shopping and of course our daughter immediately started obsessing over it and demanding a try the second I was done); my wife caught her, but that could have gotten ugly.

So our big fear here is that she's going to get in it when we aren't within two feet of her to catch her if she knocks it over or falls through the side of it. Not knocking the manufacturer at all - given what these things are made for you just need to be RIGHT there with your child while they're in it. It could be made a little more stable, widening it here and there, extending out the base a bit, but it takes up a considerable amount of floorspace in the kitchen as it is (the footprint, of course, was much bigger than we expected based on the photos, but everything seems bigger when you get it in your home!), and in a busy kitchen it presents a whole other set of potential hazards for adults.

I'm sure our daughter is going to love it when she's a bit older and we can work with her on using it correctly. Kids are kids - if left to her own devices she would be pushing this thing all over the kitchen and climbing all over it like a jungle gym, and would definitely end up hurting herself - possibly quite severely. Would hate to see a child go down face-first in this thing and unless it's firmly against a counter that is PROBABLY going to happen.

That does bring up one other issue - needs some kind of anti-skid rubber pads on the feet. I know it's nice to be able to slide it around but it's just too easy for little ones to push against the counter and move it back. Or drag it wherever they like...

One note on construction - the parts were a little difficult to assemble here and there. The cutouts in the side for the crossbars to fit into were often not large enough to insert the crossbars (due to uneven veneer runoff into the slots), and I had to use quite a bit of force to get two of them in, but they're not going anywhere now! Also, the box of hardware included a washer for each bolt, which the instructions don't say anything about. Washers are good, though - so I used them. Need to be careful about lining them up though, as they are exactly the diameter of the recessed holes you insert the bolts into, and can damage the veneer as you're screwing the bolts in.

Might need to wait even longer to bring it back into the kitchen, but we'll try it again in six months. I know she's going to LOVE using it, but it will require CONSTANT direct supervision to avoid potential serious injury.
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