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Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2020
I love how comfortable this mouse is, and when it works, its pretty good, but all to often it goes crazy and acts as if I'm holding down buttons when I've only clicked once. For gaming this is awful as it creates havoc. There's something really fritzed out with the signal from the mouse to the USB reciever - I even tried lots of different USB ports.
My mouse is literally about 2 feet from the USB receiver. There should be no signal issues.
Also, it goes to sleep and does not wake up unless you click a mouse button, which often activates something on screen. Thats poor design.

It's one of the most comfortable mouses I've used though, and I'm really disappointed I couldn't keep using it, but I'm returning it.

UPDATE 5/28/2020
I returned this mouse as indicated, above. Weeks later I received a desperate email from the company in response to my poor review asking me to accept a replacement and clearly they are not happy that I wrote a truthful review.
I feel that manufacturers who email after I have reviewed and returned a product are abusing my contact info and clearly want me to change my review.

UPDATE 7/15/2020
I am still receiving harassment for this review. "Judy" emailed me today desperately trying to get me to remove the review saying they will do anything. Then she laid on the thick guilt trip that she was new to the company and is on probation, and her performance depends on "eliminating negative feedback" and really needs my help to fix this. This is not ok. I will continue to update this negative review until this stops.

UPDATE 7/21/2020
I have received another email from Judy even though I told her to stop contacting me. writes:
"Hi Troy Y.,

we still hoping that i can do something for this trasaction.we would appreciated if you could give us a chance to address your concerns and resolve your negative feedback.refund or replacement ,we also can send you new product for test.

Please forgive me taking the liberty of interrupting you. actually ,I am new in this company and still in the three-month probation.Improve customer‘s satisfaction and decrease the critical reviews is the assessment of my work. It will affects my performance, so it’s very important to me. would you mind spare me a few minutes as I really need your help.

Really sorry to bother you. pls accept my sincerely apologize.

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