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Reviewed in the United States on December 16, 2010
I have been in LOVE with this show since the Pilot in 2005. I don't think you can find another show anywhere like it. It has all the elements that make a show Great. You have the big dysfunctional family fall out after the boys lose Mary and John goes absolutely bats*** crazy Hunting for the "Yellow Eyed Demon". It amazes me that Dean is still the strong one, even after everything he has had to do and put up with all for Sam. When they switched things up and added in the Angels, especially Castiel (Misha Collins) I was blown away! He still keeps us all guessing, especially about himself and Dean, plus that "special" relationship, The link that still ties them together ever since he yanked Dean out of Hell. I cried when Dean died, I cried when he came back and I totally lost it at the end of Season 5 "Swan Song". I was so upset when Lucifer snapped Bobby's neck and that assshat snapped his fingers to kill OUR Castiel.

When Chuck is seen at the beginning of that Episode writing about the Impala, Dean's one true Love, we all grabbed tissue boxes and settled in for what we knew was going to be one Amazing episode. The final shot of Sam and Adam falling into that swirling vortex to hold Lucifer and Michael, Dean's broken and shattered heart as he kneels staring at the spot where he lost HIS Sammy. Chuck all clean and leaving us ALL wondering when he just disappeared, Was he really God?

Season 6 has been strange to say the least. As a community, us Fans have been reserving judgment until we see the whole package. It's all about the whole package. We will keep watching even if (God forbid) this is the last Season, and hold out hope that we see more of Castiel as he fights Raphael for Heaven , I want to know more about the "Missing" Heavenly objects. Maybe then I'll be happy, until the Season ends I WILL keep watching.

This episode was so great and different, especially the opening sequence. The fact that UFO's and Fairies were involved had me hooked regardless of how they did it. If you are a "True" fan, then this one is some necessary comedy relief. I enjoyed it so much that I bought it to watch. I will now be waiting (NOT so patiently for the Show to come back on Jan.28th) and I know they will NOT disappoint.
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