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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2021
This seems to be a high quality coconut flour. Wow, I bought the 4 pound bag. That's definitely going to last me a while. I should've done a little more research before buying that much, but that's totally on me.

Personally I use it for keto desserts, as the flavor does come out a bit. It would also be good for pancakes and the like, but flatbread/wrap uses are kind of limited. A healthy wrap, sure. But probably not right for a tacos, buffalo chicken, or things more spicy/savory.

Nutritionally it looks better than almond flour (which I haven't tried yet). Coconut flour is used in smaller amounts and absorbs a lot of moisture, it's definitely not a 1:1 substitute for anything. Just a little too much and your mug cakes get kind of dry, some whipped cream on top helps though. I'm assuming that's why almond flour has some of its popularity. But this is coconut flour is certainly delicious and worth playing around with in the kitchen.

As expected, it's a little clumpy. But it's really easy to sift or break apart with a fork/whisk.
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