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Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2018
I was very skeptical of the naysayers, claiming better performance on WIFI than on this ethernet adapter. While the theoretical speeds of AC are faster that 100Mbps, the realities frequently result in any wired connection being more consistent and stable than a wireless connection.

Except this one.

Hoping to enjoy an evening of streaming content without buffering I excitedly connected this adapter to my firestick and then my ethernet cable to the adapter. Setup was certainly easier than WIFI as none was required. I queued up a video from my file share and pressed play. Almost immediately the video buffered. Not looking so great. I waited for the first buffer to load and hoped it would be the last but soon the video became unwatchable. Disheartened I disconnected the adapter. The Firestick immedaiately went to my 5GHz WIFI and starting the video again it began to play, much more smoothly than with the wired adapter. However, it again began to buffer. I forced it to connect to my 2.4GHz WIFI and after the buffer loaded once, the video played without issue.

Even with a very questionable WIFI setup that has issues with buffering, the impetus for purchasing this device, the playback was better using WIFI than with the wired network adapter. The verdict, this adapter is an absolute fail and will be of no benefit to anyone, in every scenario, save the complete non-existence of a wireless network, the user will be better off without this device. Even in that case the money would be better spent on a WIFI access point.

Very sad, and quite perturbed that it is only 10/100, but the performance is far worse than that, a 100mbps. The video I was attempting to watch has an average bit rate of 12mbps w/ occasional peaks at 18mbps. If Amazon cannot produce a wired adapter capable of better than 18mbps, then they should not produce one at all.
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