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Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2020
I watched this because Amazon must be running some special to get people to watch Showtime shows for free. I thought, "hey the original Penny Dreadful was interesting, thought provoking, and all around good horror/suspense/drama, this should be pretty good!". About 5 minutes in it was as transparent as glass. Ok, the merciful angel of death is Hispanic, and the devil is a white devil (of course). Hit the nail a little on the head did we? Next up, Germans. Oh boy, I bet the Germans are all Nazis right? But of course! Moving on, oh supposed Hispanic ritual murders? Well, we know what actually happened. It definitely wasn't a Hispanic cult and of course they're being set up (hinted at heavily during the show). The evil German Nazis must have staged the murders to start a race war, steal the highway project, and further the evil of the whites against the benevolent minorities. The first penny dreadful series incorporated poignant criticism of the human condition, and discrimination against anything different (witches, monsters, etc.), but now we've reverted to the latest tropes that dull the wits of modern day society.
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