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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 21, 2021
I buy $30-$50 earbuds once a year. I know they have limited lifelines and i'm not expecting Bose quality headsets. But these are far from what is described. I'm unsure where the good reviews come from.

They come with 3 interchangeable buds to fit in your ear. None of them have a solid fit. I don't have big ears... I usually put the medium sizes on with others sets. The sound quality is subpar at best. You can hear the sound crackling. Tried several types of music from rock, hip-hop, dance, even an audio book. The sound is just terrible. The buttons on the side are way too sensitive, yet they have issues answering calls, activating Siri or adjusting volume... most of the time it just turns the earbud off. Finally, the description says the microphone is noise cancelling... I took multiple calls and the recipients told me to call them back or remove my headset because the background noise was too loud. This was one of the most upsetting results considering i'm on the phone most of the day for business. I thought perhaps they meant it was noise audio... but it's also not... For anyone who cares, the case is pretty large. I havn't had them long enough to test the battery life. The only pro I can come up with thus far is the USB output for additional charging and the LED display which is neat. But it's not a game changer. I truly wish these were up to par based on all the reviews, but it's not. There's plenty of other options for the same price.
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