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Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2011
Why tell my guests what I'm feeding them when I already know they are 'everything' free, including 'yeast'!!! Hard to find anything that is 'yeast free' and yet here it is! I don't eat meat or poultry or dairy or yeast but I can eat these! How? I just don't bother adding the eggs! My waffles come out just great and again I don't mention anything to my guests who rave how delicious they are! I know they just had a very healthy meal! Here is what I do:
To the ingredients I add:
1. My favorite...Organic 'unsweetened' Vanilla Hemp Milk as my liquid of choice instead of water 
Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk, Unsweetened Vanilla, 32-Ounce Containers (Pack of 12)
2. I might add a pinch of stevia or a pinch more of organic pure vanilla extract (alcohol free)
3. I DO NOT add any eggs! (just add a bit more of your liquid of choice)
4. Other milks to use are the Organic Chocolate Hemp Milk for a treat, etc...
5. On top of my waffle I use - 'Soy Free' Earth Balance and either eat it just like that which I must say is delicious or topped w/freshly cut strawberries when in season or some seasonal fruit. Syrup is sugar, so not an option for me, but my family will pour on that as a topping, yet they have admitted that it's really yummy without it!

Leftover mix stores well....just stir up really well and you might need to add a bit more of your 'milk' of choice to get that right consistency once again. Yum!
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