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Reviewed in the United States on December 8, 2018
For $10 I didn't have very high hopes for this mouse. I'm extremely happy with what I received, although I did have one issue.

The mouse looks as good as my previous $50 Road Mice Mustang mouse. Fit finish and quality are on par with each other. The battery has been fine for month that I've been using it. The scroll wheel feels quality. It looks terrific.

I did experience a couple of issues that were mentioned in other reviews. I've resolved them both and here is how to fix them:

1. The mouse powering off after a few minutes. Yes, it shuts down after a few minutes of not using it. If you simply roll the scroll wheel one click either way, it instantly turns on. Not an inconvenience and it took a day or two where I do it without thinking about it.

2. One headlight worked intermittently. This one might be an issue for some. I took the mouse apart (1 screw) and found that the issue was where the led was soldered onto the circuit board. I simply used a soldering iron to reflow the solder at the led and it works 100% now. Super simple if you know how to use a soldering iron. If you don't/can't solder, yours will probably have the same problem when you get it, thus my 4 star rating...
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