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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2021
EDITED TO ADD: I just realized that these are not tamper resistant and, so are not compliant with NEC code for replacements in the majority of residential applications. Tamper resistant receptacles prevent children from sticking anything other than a plug (that engages both the hot and neutral slots simultaneously) into the outlet. The Leviton T5320-W is cheaper (<$1.50) and also tamper resistant.

Also, I bought a precision screwdriver small enough to fit in the release for the push-in fittings but cannot get the wire to release. Meanwhile, another 14G wire in the same receptacle was not held security by one of the other push-in fittings and could be pulled out without pressing the release. Not sure if this is poor quality control or a general product defect.

Reducing my rating from 4 stars to 2 stars.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Solid, easy to install with push-in fittings. Takes some wiggling to snap the bridge if you have separate circuits (for a wall switch). Only complaints are that the release slots for the pressure fittings are TINY - not sure I have a screwdriver small enough to fit! - and the print on the housing is so tiny that even my kid with perfect vision could not read it. Had to use a magnifying glass! Note that the screws come with cheap plastic retainers rather than the metal ones most receptacles cone with.
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