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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2019
I used to be right-handed, but after I had a stroke I have to use my left hand for almost everything. I was surprised to actually find a real left-handed mouse. With all the extra buttons I thought that it would be able to use it for gaming. Unfortunately it is not the case. The mouse is made in Japan and the company has no real market for it's product outside of Japan. I was able to install the program from their website after a little bit of trying and help from Google. Unfortunately the mouse really does not work well for gaming. The ability to assign keyboard commands (W, S, A, D) to the various buttons did not work at all. And the trackball is a problem with many other users as well. Even after cleaning the housing where the ball sits, and the ball is well, it quickly becomes difficult to smoothly roll the track ball. I did not try to get a Logitech ball like other people, with mixed results. I believe that your product should work properly the first time and not need mixing and matching parts for mother mice. I had a great hopes initially but in the end it wasn't useful for me at all.
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