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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2021
I clicked 5 stars for Alexa integration but I'm not really using Alexa. I did link these to the phone app and that worked fine, but I wasn't looking for remote control. I use Home Assistant HA software to run automated scenes and schedules and I can attest the TP-Link Smart Home integration does work with these outlet/switches. My house is over 3500 sq ft with a main router and AI mesh WIFI extenders. I used the phone app to discover the switch, which then added it to the router. The TP-Link Kasa integration then added the device to Home Assistant. I have 10 of them and they have stayed online, connected to my network and the Home Assistant integration reliably. These replaced unreliable X10 modules I used for years to turn candles on and off in windows so they're all over the house. For reliability, I manually locked the IP address after DHCP assigned one, and bound each switch to the closest WIFI access point.
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